Winners of the European Digital Skills Award

The winners of the European Digital Skills Award 2017 have been announced. The European Commission and the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition selected 20 finalists from the 243 projects nominated. The winners in the five categories have now been revealed. The purpose of the awards is to promote digital skills at all levels of society.
Digital skills in education
Winner: Asociatia Techsoup Romania
Romanian grammar school students can join a programme run by IT professionals. Each guides a group of students, who are trained not only in digital transformation but also in how to develop and promote products, etc. The programme is aimed at grammar school students in the poorer parts of the country.

Digital skills for ICT professionals
Winners: Google, Bertelsmann and Udacity 
Google, Bertelsmann and Udacity have begun training ICT professionals across Europe with the aim of filling in and upgrading their knowledge in specific areas. Each participant is given a mentor who guides them through the education and training process.

Digital skills in the labour force
Winner: NumericALL
Fit4coding is a programming school born out of a public-private partnership between the Luxembourg ministry of labour and employment and the NumericALL company. The education programme lasts two years and is chiefly aimed at unemployed, poorly qualified young people dropped out of education. The programme lasts six terms. The results after four terms indicate that 80% of participants have found work. The first generation will finish the course at the end of this year. 

Digital skills for all
Winner: Digitaal.Talent@Gent
Digitaal.Talent@Gent is a programme run by the Belgian city of Ghent and the Digipolis social centre. The programme offers free leasing of hardware for schools and organisations. Every summer they organise a free summer coding camp for socially disadvantaged children, educate and train people with special needs, and offer digital education to anyone who wants it.

Digital skills for women and girls
Winner: IT for She
This is a Polish project that helps female computing and IT students to find work. It features several programmes: ‘Women at the technology camp’ is a programme involving 130 of the best female students, ‘Children and IT’ involves 50 female students teaching digital skills to children from rural parts of Poland, and the mentorship programme is aimed at female students, who are provided with a mentor from an IT company who then spends six months guiding their professional and personal development.

Written by: Polona Movrin