The Slovenian Digital Coalition - will be set up as an open forum of stakeholders for coordination, guidance and cooperation in the digital transformation of Slovenia.

The Slovenian Digital Coalition - will include the largest possible number of stakeholders and supporters, taking part in an open forum which will actively guide the development of digital Slovenia.

Signatories express active support to the coalition and its interest in achieving the objectives of the Slovenian Digital Coalition -, including to achieve the strategic vision of the Republic of Slovenia towards accelerated development of a digital society utilising the development opportunities of ICT and internet - towards advancing digital society, and becoming a reference environment for the introduction of innovative solutions based on digital technologies.

For the development period until 2020, the Slovenian Digital Coalition - will implement critical organizational elements for the digitalisation of Slovenia, on which depend the success of development efforts that will attract the widest possible range of stakeholders and appropriate media to support the operation of the Slovenian Digital Coalition -

Only by collectively achieving synergistic effects or complementary digitization projects and the development of common positions within the framework of the Slovenian Digital Coalition - will the digitalisation of Slovenia be better coordinated, more rapid and efficient, thus significantly contributing to social development, improving economic performance, employment opportunities, quality of life and social inclusion.

Statement in support of the Slovenian Digital Coalition - and inclusion in the Open Forum :

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