Slovenian knowledge in the service of speeding up electric vehicle development

In collaboration with 18 partners, the Internal Combustion Engine and Electromobility Laboratory (LICeM) at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana has been awarded a three-year project, Optimization of scalaBle rEaltime modeLs and functIonal testing for e-drive ConceptS, or OBELICS, under the H2020 tender.
‘The OBELICS project will focus on new methods and simulation tools for developing safer and more efficient electric vehicles in the shortest possible development time and with greater modularity in the range of vehicles available’ (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering press release). This will enable electric vehicles to be produced more quickly and in greater quantities, thus making them more affordable.

‘The specific goals of the OBELICS project therefore encompass a range of simulation and testing tools that will enable the development of electric vehicles with 20% greater capacity and 20% fewer emissions, in 40% less time, than is the case currently,’ say the faculty. 

The head of the project is Prof Tomaž Katrašnik from the Faculty of Engineering. The project also involves the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana and the Institute of Chemistry. The partners due to collaborate with LICeM at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering are: Ford, Fiat Research Centre, Renault Trucks, Siemens, Valeo, Bosch, CEA, Fraunhofer and others. The AVL company will act as coordinator.

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