Pattern City aims to increase scientific literacy in Slovenia

Pattern City has opened in Velenje and its creators have set themselves an ambitious target: to increase scientific literacy throughout the country for all ages, all nationalities and all communities. It is the first project of its kind in Europe. 
Pattern City is a multi-purpose space containing interactive learning installations, a virtual reality "street”, a science transmedia studio, a digital laboratory and an interactive "escape room”. The project involves an innovative system of education that encourages curiosity, exploration and innovation, draws on a variety of sources, and brings together local and cross-border communities. 

In this, the first project of its kind (not only in Slovenia but in Europe as a whole), visitors will be able to engage in "do-it-yourself” experiments and take part in professional development programmes. They will explore interactive learning installations, with the alternating themes of "robolectrics”, "10,000 miles” and "wars of the world”. In the virtual reality "street”, young visitors will get a chance to try this developing technology, and get to know different working environments through simulation, such as the office, the mine, the bakery and the laboratory. The Znanstvena TV ("Science TV”) channel for children and young people will be broadcast from the transmedia corner, with an emphasis on storytelling through a wide variety of media, on digital literacy and on using online social networks safely. Visitors to the digital laboratory will be able to try out programming, develop smart solutions and even produce prototypes of their ideas. The interactive "escape room” is a new way of mastering the knowledge and skills that visitors will acquire at Pattern City, and will provide a bridge between the real and the virtual worlds.

The two-year project is being run by Velenje Adult Education Centre, with the premises at Kidričeva cesta 2b being provided by the City of Velenje. The project content will be financed through ticket sales, donations and sponsorship.