Opportunities not obstacles: who’s not afraid of digital transformation

Recipients of national awards for innovation based on digital transformation work in many different fields. The following seven companies are among the 38 given awards by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Innovation Day.
Only simulator for trainee pilots

The markets for Aeroform’s simulator for the basic training of pilots using VR headsets are opening up every day. 

This is a flight simulator based on a VR headset that uses images projected onto a headset that follows the movements of the trainee’s head and takes the user more deeply into a virtual world than any other simulator so far, as the field of vision is no longer restricted. The simulator is less costly to produce, takes up less space and is more energy-efficient. It is also the only one aimed at trainee pilots.  

A solution that might even be too advanced

Photo: Danfoss Trata
The launch of the NovoCon smart hydron engine for HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) has been very successful. 

Poorly dimensioned and executed systems can lead to energy consumption that is up to 50% higher for the heating and cooling of buildings. The Danfoss Trata innovation resolves this issue. In comparison with the competition, the NovoCon boasts greater precision and flexibility in covering HVAC applications, the option of rapid expansion to additional sensors, more alarm functions and the option of integrating several HVAC regulator functions.

A machine, sensor and smart device all in one

Photo: INO Brežice
The INO Brežice solution, one that the competition does not offer, involves the active control of vibrations on professional agricultural and utility machines. A patent is currently being obtained for the full solution package, which combines a machine, sensor and smart mobile device that provides constant information regarding optimal operation and the vibration level of the machinery. 

Smart meter

Photo: Iskraemeco
The AM550 smart meter from Iskraemeco is the first modular product to have been produced on the basis of the smart meter platform and is a component of several smart meter projects around the world. This is not only a device for the precise measurement of electricity consumption; it also works as a sensor that monitors and controls the network at different levels.

Lowering costs, increasing efficiency

Photo: L-TEK Elektronika
The essence of the innovation produced by L-TEK Elektronika is the development of sufficiently modular components in the fields of electronics, sensors and housings, the integration of wireless communications, online services and cloud data storage and online visualisation, enabling its integration into various industrial applications. 

It prevents production outages, lowers costs and contributes to greater efficiency, as it is a platform for monitoring and controlling Internet of Things components.

CEZAR is transforming healthcare digitally at home and abroad

Photo: CEZAR
The CEZAR Centre for Remote Health, which operates as part of Slovenj Gradec General Hospital, received an award for two innovative telemedicine services: for providing support for patients engaged in self-treatment at home (better control of chronic diseases) and the EXODIAB tool for the online monitoring of diabetes. 

Both healthcare services are just becoming established in Slovenia and the EU. The ‘telemedical monitoring of self-treating patients’ and ‘electronic monitoring of patients’ services have effected a change in the way healthcare teams work; they are now able to work with patients actively and continuously as they undergo self-treatment in their home environment. 

Author: Sabina Dizdarević
You can read the article in full in the magazine Glas gospodarstva (Digitalizacija) published by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.