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Start pumping the petroleum of the future

Big Data Manager is the profession of the future and ‘big data’ is the petroleum of the future. Here we offer you a few tips on how to start collecting and processing big data.
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What are smart contracts and what can they offer us?

An annual report that ‘compiles itself’, real estate purchase without a notary: smart contracts enable (or will enable) all these things. 

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Opportunities not obstacles: who’s not afraid of digital transformation

Recipients of national awards for innovation based on digital transformation work in many different fields. The following seven companies are among the 38 given awards by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Innovation Day.
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Blockchain Think Tank up and running in Slovenia

Practical solutions for the provision of central government services and the collection of cryptocurrencies for startups are just two of the objectives of the Blockchain Think Tank. The initiative is part of the Slovenian Digital Coalition. 
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