Leaving for Vacation Has Never Been so Simple

A chatbot that helps you find information about ferries, an application that helps you find transportation to airports, programme solutions that optimize your departure, and applications for a healthy life.
Chatbots for the Ferry Schedule
The Styler Company has developed an application called Trajekto that shows the schedule for selected ferries to Croatian islands using a basic interaction between the user and a bot. The key advantages of using a chatbot instead of browsing on an internet search engine is considerably shorter search time, a more manageable and user-friendly system, and having all information in one place. 

The pilot project will be adapted for the next summer season. The company also has plans to make Trajekto available in English, German, and Italian, and to present the programme to all tourists who visit the Croatian coast. Styler does not intend to limit itself to neighbouring Croatia. The company has the ambition of developing a universal chatbot for ferries that would be available in countries such as Italy, Greece, France, and Spain. 

Styler is developing several new chatbots for Slovene companies that will offer consumers necessary information about specific companies and their products and services—all in one place. By the end of October, the company launched KriptoBot, which provides information about the latest values of more than a thousand cryptocurrencies. The following are some other products developed by Styler: a chatbot for the Delo newspaper company, a chatbot that sends out current information about conditions on Slovene roads, a chatbot that provides education about Bitcoins and the most recent valuation of other crytpocurrencies. 

Self-Checkout Cashiers in the Stores of South Korea
Thanks to the Mikropis Self Shopping services, consumers in Slovenia can shop in a new and different way. Shoppers can scan articles as they move through the store and pay for their purchase as they leave. Another advance will be the purchasing of items using a mobile phone app, which will also assist shoppers as they navigate through the store. 

One of Mikropis’s most successful products is the Self-Checkout Cashier, cash registers with touch screens in stores and restaurants, services for mobile payment, marketing, and advertising, mobile loyalty programmes, and other mobile applications. In 2016, Mikropis’s self-checkout cashiers were launched on the Chinese market. They were installed in a retail chain in China and are now fully operational in seven stores. The company recently entered a cooperation agreement with E-mart, the largest South Korean retailer, which owns three hundred supermarkets. By the end of 2017, self-checkout cashiers will be introduced in the first three stores. 

This year the company entered an official partnership with the Mayo Clinic with its 24alife solution for improving health outcomes. The application includes a number of programmes that contribute to a healthier life style. The TATA conglomerate in India also uses 24alife solutions, and Mikropis is developing a co-operation with Dubai Silicon Oasis. 

GoOpti Alliance with Emirates and Qatar Airlines 
GoOpti is developing proprietary solutions for providing mobility to smart communities, and linking with outside partners and digital platforms using programme interfaces. At the beginning of 2017, the company put out a mobile application that made it possible for travellers to reserve GoOpti transportation options quickly and easily. The company entered into a partnership with the Amadeus global reservation system that lists approximately 700 airlines, 87,000 hotel accommodations, and 30 of the largest rental car companies from around the world. In the framework of this system, GoOpti plans business combinations with Emirates Airlines, with Qatar Airlines in Italy, and, in Spain, with the Rico bus company from Cadiz. Rico has been present on the Spanish market for more than 50 years. 

NIL Helps Optimize Global Telecommunications 
As a systems integrator, NIL is engaged in linking the technologies of different providers into high-efficiency information solutions that provide users with more effective and safer operations, simplify processes, and optimize expenses. In the past year, the company worked on automation and simplifying the management of business networks and information infrastructures. 

NIL is active in providing solutions for both users and producers. Among the company’s most important partners are the American corporation Cisco and VMware. NIL collaborates with Cisco in the field of advanced network technology. In collaboration with VMware, the company is making inroads into the markets of Central Europe in the field of advanced approaches to data centres and computer clouds. NIL is also the leading global partner of the Cisco Company in its training and education programmes. 

NIL counts among its customers leading global telecommunication companies such as Orange Business Services, Deutsche Telekom, and Telecom Italia. NIL has assisted these companies in the planning and optimization of their networks through which service is provided to hundreds of millions of users. NIL customers also include leading regional banks, insurers, pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, universities and global institutions such as the World Bank. 

Adiko Banka, Kolektor, and A1 Use SRC Solutions
The SRC Company is a provider of the system platform Next, which merges all key systems in one place. Next offers a simple, understandable, and intuitive interface that shows only the data, documents, and functions that users need in their work. It offers users specific information and documents depending on their location. CRM, DMS, and digital banking platforms are used by companies such as Velux, Adiko banka, Kolektor, and A1. 

In infrastructure, SRC offers solutions in the fields of communications, data preservation, servers, and integrated solutions for data centres. SRC upgrades the products of its business partners, such as HP, Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, and Palo Alto, with their own services, adapting specified solutions to the needs of individual clients. SRC also designs private clouds and offers cloud services in the form of IaaS and Saas. 

Hilti, Sandoz, and Axalta Use Agitavit’s Products
Agitavit Solutions specialize in business solutions for their partners as well as in the management of products’ life cycle, product information systems, 3D modelling, the personalization of products, and solutions in the field of the internet of things. Including in their references are products related to the intranet, portals, project management, advanced analytics, and identity management. The company also offers a series of products called Agitavit eHRM that support human resources processes. Among Agitavit’s largest customers are Hilti, Sandoz, Axalta, Bayerische Versorgungskammer. The company also works with A1, GEN-i, Hidria, Kolektor, Krka, and Telekom Slovenije.

Authors: Barbara Perko, Žiga Kariž

Article is published in the magazine Discover Slovenia, Champions of Niche.