Inaugural meeting of Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia

The inaugural meeting of Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia is now behind us. The number of members is now already approaching 400. We have seen that there is a great deal of knowledge about Blockchain technology in Slovenia, and this has now been pooled within Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia.
Connection was also at the forefront of the first meeting. Even before it began, a start had been made on bringing expertise and ideas together. It continued in this spirit of integration and cooperation after a short presentation on Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia.

As Think Tank head and coordinator Dr Peter Merc explained, the three basic principles of operation of the Think Tank are distribution of knowledge, transparency and openness to all stakeholders. It has been organised into a society, with a management board/collegiate body comprising several members. Several working groups will also operate within the society. Seven such groups have already been set up, with room for more if any proposals are put forward. 

Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia meetings should take place once a year, with members staying connected and in touch with each other throughout. A platform will be established to enable every member to give their opinions and proposals, and debates, voting, etc. will take place.

Anyone who wishes to become a member of Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia or join one of the working groups, or who has any concrete proposal, can contact

On Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia

The Think Tank operates under the auspices of the Slovenian Digital Coalition (

- integration of Slovenian knowledge in the field of blockchain
- preparation of legal and other proposals
- education and awareness-raising
- Slovenian blockchain – development of test and production environments
- creation of a global blockchain hub in Slovenia
- connections with similar think tanks and other organisations
- awareness-raising regarding Industry 4.0.

Basic principles of the Think Tank:
- distribution – intellectual, specialist, organisational
- transparency – everything will be in the public domain
- openness to all stakeholders.

Organisational structure:
- management – a collegiate body (three or five members)
- seven working groups.

Working groups:
1. Regulations: 
Aljaž Jadek, Jadek Pensa law firm
Žiga Debeljak, Gorenje

2. Smart cities and logistics: 
Martin Pečar, Jožef Stefan Institute

3. Fintech: 
Matej Golob, Abanka
Eva Veselinovič, Bitstamp

4. Taxes: 
Domen Romih, Jadek Pensa law firm
Ivo Grlica, ODI law firm 

5. Energy: 
Rok Vodnik, Petrol
Gorazd Ažman, ELES 

6. Public sector:
Coordinator not yet appointed

7. Blockchain community: 
Jure Pirc, president of Bitcoin društvo Slovenije (Slovenian Bitcoin Society)