First monument dedicated to blockchain technology unveiled in Slovenia

The world’s first monument dedicated to blockchain technology has been unveiled in Kranj. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the creation of the first data block by the individual (or group) known as ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’.
The monument has been erected on the roundabout connecting Cesta Staneta Žagarja, Gregorčičeva Ulica and Zoisova Ulica. As Kranj city council, which erected the monument with the support of Kranj companies 3fs and Bitstamp, explains: ‘It symbolises the decentralised nature of connections, which does not indicate merely access to a single point, but offers a route to starting points that offer the individual a variety of paths. The monument is therefore not central; rather, it has been erected as a point that connects the Kranj urban ecosystem, symbolising interconnectedness and integration.'

'By unveiling this monument, Slovenia and the city of Kranj are creating and sending to the world a message that underlines their joint openness to digital transformation, their grasp of new technologies and their welcoming approach to progressive thinking, which does not aspire merely to optimise everyday life, but to install mutual trust, transparency and cooperation. It also presents residents with a reminder of openness to the new and of integration, which are the basis for a higher quality of life in the future.’

The monument was unveiled by mayor of Kranj Boštjan Trilar, president of the Bitcoin Slovenija society Jure Pirc, and government representatives.

More information on the monument: