Digital Partnership

The economy is establishing this Digital partnership to support the digital transformation of Slovenia.

The Digital partnership is aimed at linking the economy to encourage the digitalisation of the economy and wider recognition of Slovenia as a reference country. With a view to co-designing projects and implementing the Digital Slovenia 2020 strategy, through association with important Slovenian organisations - chambers of domestic commerce and foreign business recognise the importance of digitalisation and have agreed to actively participate in this area:
  • Slovenian Chamber of Industry and Commerce,
  • Slovenian Chamber of Crafts,
  • Slovenian-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce,
  • American Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia - AmCham Slovenia.
In the context of the Digital partnership, chambers of commerce will openly cooperate, link the economy and actively contribute to creating the objectives of the Slovenian Digital Coalition - The Digital Partnership will enable joint participation of the economy within

Mission of the Digital partnership

The Digital partnership has encouraged the "Slovenia - A green reference country in digital Europe" initiative and the active roles of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, AHK and AmCham Slovenia in digitalising the economy. This partnership represents a commitment to coordinated management of key activities aimed at improving conditions for the digitalisation of the Slovenian economy:
  • training and raising competences of the economy in the field of digitalisation and Industry 4.0;
  • support Slovenia as a reference country in digital Europe;
  • link international and domestic industries in developing new solutions and performance in foreign markets;
  • propose regulation and promotion of digitalisation and new business models in Slovenia;
  • link members of all chambers in the area of smart specialisation;
  • coordinate opinion and presentation on digitalisation themes.
Working together, partners will coordinate and support the transition of the economy and domestic market towards the 4th industrial revolution and promote the involvement of all other relevant stakeholders - supporters of the Digital partnership in joint activities.

About the partners

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS)
CCIS is the largest representative association of the Slovenian economy with a longstanding tradition. Its fundamental mission is to improve the business environment and support the operations of small and large businesses. It includes local chambers across regions and interest groups, which ensure that the interests of industry and the local economy are represented. In addition to lobbying activities, it offers a wide range of classic and digital services to simplify business operations at home and abroad.
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Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK)
The Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce represents German companies and investors that are active in Slovenia. It also includes many Slovenian companies, allowing them easier access to the German market and the skills to do business with German partners. It is part of a network of 130 German foreign chambers of commerce in 90 countries around the world. With its partner chambers in Germany (IHK) and abroad (AHK), and access to 100 thousand companies and comprehensive sources of information it is the first point of contact in Germany.
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American Chamber of Commerce - AmCham Slovenia
AmCham Slovenia is one of the most active, innovative and influential international business communities in Slovenia, comprising over 300 prominent members – both domestic and foreign. In Slovenia, AmCham Slovenia is recognized as an active promoter of digitalisation and supporter of the development for Slovenia and its economy. By supporting the "Slovenia - A green reference country in digital Europe" initiative, we are aiming to create a better business and living environment in Slovenia and to foster positive change.
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