Blockchain Think Tank up and running in Slovenia

Practical solutions for the provision of central government services and the collection of cryptocurrencies for startups are just two of the objectives of the Blockchain Think Tank. The initiative is part of the Slovenian Digital Coalition. 
Blockchain technology, which analysts believe to be one of the most important innovations in internet technology, has aroused a great deal of interest in Slovenia as well – in fact, there are quite a few Slovenian companies at the global apex of the development of this technology. Netis, Iconomi, SunContract and Abelium are just a few of the local companies who are finding success in the world of Blockchain.

With this mind, and on the basis of the Information Society Development Strategy (Digital Slovenia 2010), in mid-August the Ministry of Public Administration (MJU) invited everyone who sees a future in Blockchain technology to register an interest in working within the Blockchain Initiative of Slovenia –  and they were taken by surprise by the strength of the response: ‘Because of the huge levels of interest, we decided to transform the initiative into a "Blockchain Think Tank” and incorporate it into the Slovenian Digital Coalition, which is aimed at aligning the digital transformation of Slovenia with the strategic documents issued under the Digital Slovenia 2020 project, in collaboration with stakeholders from business, industry, R&D, civil society and the public sector,’ says the MJU.

The Blockchain Think Tank will be managed and coordinated by Dr Peter Merc, a member of the Initiative. He is a co-founder of Lemur Legal, a firm of legal consultants dealing primarily with new technologies and startups. Interest in participation in the Blockchain Think Tank has been expressed by companies, research institutions, NGOs, societies, associations, law firms, startups, platforms and individuals who all believe that the future of the internet lies in Blockchain technology. 

Solutions achievable in practice  
Members of the Initiative will address specific groups of topics – for example the issue of the legislative framework.

‘Public administration will have to play its part by launching initiatives and expressing its wishes regarding the use of the new technology. We are convinced that the Blockchain Think Tank will be able to provide ideas for the implementation of use cases in Slovenia that bolster the development of an information society and increase the country’s general prosperity. We see the Initiative as an open space that enables individuals, organisations, commerce and state bodies to work together and to exchange (or "chain”) ideas,’ says the ministry. The Initiative will work chiefly on concrete ‘use cases’. ‘We believe that we will be able, by the end, to identify and draw attention to any legislative gaps and obstacles preventing the introduction of Blockchain technology, and establish a platform for Blockchain "use cases” – for example, the introduction of specific central government services and solutions for the collection of cryptocurrencies for start-ups.’

Author: Andraž Sodja

You can read the article in full in the magazine Glas gospodarstva (Digitalizacija).