Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia: The next steps

Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia is now getting under way. The specific areas in which the Think Tank perceives its mission have been identified. The Think Tank’s general mission is to establish an advanced digital society and a reference environment for systemic solutions based on the use of blockchain technologies and the introduction of innovative approaches to these and other highly advanced technologies.

These are the following areas being addressed:

- Education and awareness-raising: The Think Tank will organise regular monthly ‘Blockchain meet-ups’ and work with accelerators, professional chambers, universities, event organisers and the state to organise (or jointly organise) events aimed at raising awareness of and promoting blockchain technology and educating people in its use.

- Slovenian blockchain: With the help of interested stakeholders from the digital coalition and the Think Tank, the Think Tank will build infrastructure (production and test environments) that will enable enterprises and the state to learn how to use blockchain solutions.

- Linking Slovenian knowledge: The Think Tank will operate as an open platform to link Slovenian knowledge to the blockchain.

- Creating a global blockchain hub in Slovenia: The Think Tank will play a leading role in promoting Slovenia as a blockchain-friendly country.

- Designing legal and other proposals: The Think Tank will invite legal, IT, business and other professionals to work with it to compile a range of blockchain-related documents. Proposals, initiatives and ideas will be sent to representatives of the public sector in a transparent way.

- Links with related NGOs: With the aim of promoting Slovenia as a blockchain-friendly country and engaging in the international exchange of knowledge and experience, the Think Tank will work with related think tanks and other foreign enterprises and organisations involved in promoting blockchain technology in other ways.

- Raising awareness about industry 4.0.: As everything is integrated in industry 4.0., the Think Tank will also use the promotion of blockchain to raise awareness of other technologies and business models with blockchain connections.

If you have not joined the Slovenian Blockchain Initiative, which is now called the Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia, we invite you to do so now. Together we will continue to build a blockchain community in Slovenia. If you are interested in getting involved, please write to