Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia: November and December activities and plans

Quite a few Blockchain Think Tank activities took place in October and at the beginning of November – including a meeting with representatives of the Bank of Slovenia and IBM. We will also be organising a series of free events across Slovenia leading up the end of the year. The first meeting of members of the Blockchain Think Tank will take place on 12 December in Ljubljana.

Activities performed

1. Initial coin offerings of virtual currencies and virtual currency exchanges – documents for regulators

A document on the status of virtual (crypto) currencies under Slovenian law in relation to their initial coin offerings and the performance of for-profit activities involving virtual currency exchange was compiled by members of Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia and of the AmCham Blockchain working group, which operates within the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia. 

The document was compiled with the aim of acquiring a binding opinion from all regulators (Securities Market Agency, Bank of Slovenia, Office for Money Laundering Prevention and the Financial Administration) regarding the legal status of virtual (crypto) currencies in relation to their initial coin offerings (ICO) and exchange.

2. Organisation of blockchain-themed events

At the end of November and the beginning of December, the Blockchain Think Tank will organise or co-organise a series of free events on Blockchain topics across the entire country.

3. Presentation to the regulator
A Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia representative met Bank of Slovenia representatives on 9 November. The meeting featured a presentation of the Think Tank’s workings and plans, and examined how the Bank of Slovenia and the Think Tank might work together in the future.

4. HyperLedger – a meeting with IBM

On 28 November 2017 a working meeting will be held with Karolina Marzantowicz, Chief Technology Officer for Central and Eastern Europe (Distinguished Engineer, IBM) at AmCham Slovenia. 

The meeting will address the possibility of cooperation between the Think Tank and IBM in the area of blockchain technology – more precisely, the possibility of using IBM products created using HyperLedger technology.

Blockchain Think Tank’s short-term plans

1. Organisation of work – involvement of members

The Think Tank’s mission will be realised in future within individual Think Tank working groups. Each working group will have a head charged with coordinating the group’s operations. The working groups will convene at face-to-face meetings, although correspondence sessions will also be held on occasion.

Working groups are planned for the following areas: (i) regulation, (ii) tax policy, (iii) FinTech, (iv) energy and (v) the blockchain community. Additional working groups will be set up at the initiative of members if the need arises as Think Tank operations progress and mature.

2. Slovenian blockchain – fund-raising

As outlined in the Think Tank’s vision, one of the organisation’s underlying projects is the establishment of a Slovenian blockchain. This will provide all stakeholders, i.e. enterprises, startups, universities, scientific institutions, NGOs and the state, with the opportunity to enjoy product testing and the application of blockchain solutions free of charge (or ‘without gas’, as in the Ethereum blockchain), and provide assistance to Slovenian experts who wish to develop and integrate solutions.

The Think Tank will develop architecture for the Slovenian blockchain in partnership with the Slovenian company Spartan Solutions. The Think Tank will collect the funds required to finance the project via a fund-raising campaign aimed at interested members of the digital coalition and members of Think tank enterprises. The campaign will begin in the second half of November. The Slovenian blockchain will likely be established by the end of the year.

3. First meet-up of Think Tank members

Members of the Think Tank will be involved in regular monthly meet-ups. The first meet-up will take place in the late afternoon of 12 December in Ljubljana. Precise details of the location and time will be communicated subsequently.

4. Communication between members

A number of communication paths will be established to ease the flow of information between Think Tank members. One such path will be via groups on the Telegram app. A Think Tank Facebook page will be set up soon, with a website to follow by the New Year.